The Malaysian Business Angel Network (MBAN) is the official trade association and governing body for angel investors and angel clubs in Malaysia.

It strives and aims to put forward the agenda of angel investing in an all inclusive manner for the benefit of members, the angel ecosystem and start-ups.



Are you an angel investor? If you are, you should register yourself as an Accredited Angel Investor with MBAN. You would then be eligible to enjoy a tax benefit amounting to RM 500, 000 under the Angel Tax Incentive Programme. This would reduce the risk of angel investing which is high risk and high reward. You must fulfill the following criteria(s):

Angel Membership

  • Either A High Net Worth Individual (Total Wealth Or Net Personal Assets Of RM 3 Million And Above Or Its Equivalent In Foreign Currencies)
  • Or A High Income Earner (Gross Total Annual Income Of Not Less Than RM 180, 000 In The Preceding 12 Months; Or RM 250, 000 Jointly With One’s Spouse)
  • Tax Resident In Malaysia

Corporate Membership

  • Would like access to education and awareness on Corporate innovation
  • Would like to have access to a network of like-minded individuals and be able to learn from each other in a peer-to-peer format
  • Would like to have immersion experience's of the Startup and Early investment Ecosystem



Is your company seeking funding via angel investments? If so, you should register as a Certified Investee Company under the Angel Tax Incentive Programme. This would make your company a more attractive investment opportunity to angel investors because investing in your company would entitle them to a tax benefit. Your company must meet the following eligibility criteria(s):

Company Has To Be Minimum 51% Malaysian Owned

Company’s Core Business Must Be Technology Related

Cumulative Revenue Of Less Than RM 5 Million

Been In Operation For Three (3) Years Or Less

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