Pitch Sessions & Workshops

Monthly Pitch Session

One of MBAN’s efforts is to continuously source for deals and showcase them in a monthly pitch event which is exclusive to our existing and potential members of MBAN. Prior to showcasing the chosen startups every month, MBAN hosts a shortlisting session- where startups will pitch to our panel of MBAN’s own council members who will select the best to be shortlisted and showcased to our angels.


Interested? If so, kindly take note of the following:


The pitch format is 5/10. That means you are given a maximum of 5 minutes to pitch before you will be stopped for the next session to proceed- which is 10 minutes of questions and answers (Q&A) with the investors. Whether it is a shortlisting session or the actual pitch session, we will be very strict on the timing. If we entitle you to even a few additional seconds, it won’t be fair to the other pitchers. Write to us at enquiries@mban.com.my and we will guide you through the process.

Do’s & Don’ts of Pitch


Be punctual. Some pitchers pitch fast and some investors ask very few questions; either because the pitch answered all their burning questions, or because they would rather discuss with you further in private after the session. This means that the schedule will be pushed forward because the next pitcher will be brought on earlier.

If the shortlisting panel has advised you to alter certain slides on your pitch deck for the actual pitch day, ensure that it is done. The panel advises pitchers with our audience and their past inputs in mind. Besides, our panellists are angel investors themselves too!

Submit your pitch decks to us prior to the shortlisting or actual pitch session. Just showing up with your own laptop and forcing us to plug it in when we already have one installed delays the time and is a nuisance to the waiting crowd.

Be concise and state each point only once. There’s no need to constantly repeat a point throughout your pitch.

Look presentable. You have to show your audience that you are serious about your business and that you’re not taking their time for granted. Design your pitch deck around the guide provided below.


Do not exceed the given five minutes when you pitch and expect investors to pry out the right questions during the Q&A session. If they fail to, you will miss an opportunity to deliver your strongest points. Also, getting cut off by the bell can be embarrassing sometimes.

No nudity, pornographic materials or any inappropriate images. Besides, that’s illegal anyway!

Do not use jargons if possible. Some investors are new to the ecosystem and other are from varying industries. You should cater your speech to a general audience.

Do not hold your discussions with investors in the hall while other entrepreneurs are pitching. If you really need to, please hold your discussions somewhere else without disrupting the pitch session.

Monthly Pitch Session Process Flow

Pitch and/or slide deck should cover the following:

Problem Statement (pain point)

What is the problem you’re solving?

How do the existing products work/or doesn’t work?

How are the current products in the market failing to address this problem?

Your Solution

Describe your product that you’ve developed (or will develop). What are the features? Focus on how your solution solves the problem/pain. Relate your product back to the pain that you’re trying to solve. Have you tested the solution? Have a short demo if possible (or screenshots).

Business model – different ways you can make money

Who pays? If you do not make money from your product, do the advertisers pay for ads? What are the ways to generate revenue? What are your costs? Would it be profitable based on your assumptions? What about your distribution channels and marketing plans? How will you build traction? How did you get the traction you already have (if you’ve pivoted, mention how is it different and working now).

Target market and market opportunity

Who are your potential customers (think of those having the problem). If possible, define them into segments. How big is this market? Is it growing? Would they adopt this solution? Would they spend/pay for your product or services? How much would they normally spend, if any?


Every product or service has competition. What is the alternative solution? Why would your potential customers choose your solution? How are you unique? What is the market fit i.e. how do you fit in the current landscape? What is your value, your USP (unique selling proposition)? Clearly state how are you different in your industry landscape.

Management Team – why is your team perfect for the job?

Talk about your relevant skills. How did you get to where you are? If there are gaps, identify them and acknowledge that you will need to hire new talents to fill the gap.


What is next? What are your plans, goals and when do you plan to achieve them. If you already have achieved certain milestones, mention them (to include traction).


State your financial projections. How much do you need and why? To download a guideline for your pitch deck, please click here.

Angel Investing Workshops

Education is one of MBANs key pillars. We organize workshops for both Angel investors and entrepreneurs to promote awareness and build capacity. These workshops cover a range of topics – from Angel investing bascis to “deep dive” masterclass sessions designed to cater Angels of all levels of experience. For information on upcoming workshops please check out our Events page or email us at enquiries@mban.com.my